DSLR camera finally come in the age and got the shutter blade issue. Suddenly while in travel it can not serve me anymore (lucky got standard by point and shot camera and smartphone with me). After make some research it seem inside DSLR the shutter blade or “curtain” it seem make with very easy to be out of function after few years or certain accumulated shutter count. Due to it, the photo taken will had one blade block the photo.  It served me since 2013 Sydney and Melbourne trip, so over 3 years but below 5 years. I do not expect lifetime warranty camera, but base on the item inside it seem that is manufacturing by default using this type of material, so camera will required replacement after few years on the road. Fine, then it time to look into what option I had at that time.

In general, just bought the camera body replacement (new model) that can used back all the interchangeable len is make most economical sense. Already know how to make take the photo on specific vendor brand, what for try other brand, it cost more. Then consider also replace higher end model to advance it (I think all vendor want user go this path from crop sensor to full frame).

After do some research, it seem the brand I used even latest version replacement, consider lack some of the feature set required. Not to mention with the rising of the mirrorless camera, I do consider replace with it, so can travel light.

We all know smartphone is eating camera share. This always carry phone device is so handy and accessible, not to mention it connected with all the software application we use, for posting and sharing internet. After consider for if I get another DSLR replacement, 4 years on the road, I can imagine it even less attractive to carry heavy camera. I do not position and thought by carry heavy camera make be professional photographer (in the first place, I no take photo for living, I take photo for leisure). I am the most travel lover like to take photo along the travel journey. Small and light is the right move for me. So in compare and finally I bought my mirrorless camera. Despite I can not used back all my native camera lens from another vendor, but so what, in consider for the more time to come, better make the pain now rather than in future to come.

From the past I used to using view finder to take photo, and the heavy camera to make it easy to carry and make certain shoot, believe me, once you get used to it, heavy body do serve the purpose. But now I need to make the change to electronic view finder, it no need me to put my eye to the camera, I can see what it is and take the photo this way. This is evolution away from the traditional photo to hand touch, it matter for get used to it.

From the recent first try out the shooting, it quality is more than ok, and lucky I migrated over. Right now I can make use of the wireless to get phone GPS to geotagging photo while shooting, same me lot of time to do it post processing manner. I can send photo I want in smaller size for social sharing on the spot, that all is time saver.

For the medium term I can foresee smartphone take over camera, but not in the current short future yet. Camera as purpose built photo taken device, do had it role to be serve yet. Welcome my self to mirrorless generation.

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