The Era of the Individual

25 August 2022 By Lim Kim Keong in Thought 想法

End of the fountain pen era

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End of DayOne Journal

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To host personal data in the right way

11 November 2021 By Lim Kim Keong in Thought 想法

The Era of the Individual

The Era of the Individual is with us for something already, whether you are aware of it or know how to leverage it to exercise the new era of personal power. Modern technology and the future make it more and more personal friendly, be it for instant sharing of real live contents, news or video
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End of the fountain pen era

End of the fountain pen era, you need to consider abandoning the fountain pen from now onward, i mean it, if digital lifestyle and productivity is what matters for you. It takes me sometime to realize that I go through the typical process, from the fountain pen, ink to various nibs and paper quest for
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Epub won the ebook standard and killed the rest, finally we had only one format to deal with. Do not make me wrong, pdf still there for paper scan and print, or graphic intensive book format. But for the battle for Amazon mobi and epub, epub won and be the standard most of the device
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End of DayOne Journal

Just like everyone, I had the journaling or diary habit, from previous handwritten to modern digital journaling app, end of DayOne Journal, my personal journaling experience and below is the reason why as a user. I have used the DayOne journal app since Day One on the iPhone 3 (then 4,5 and Mac, ipad) and
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To host personal data in the right way, I am thinking, as it really does not make any sense for hosts own data over others place except for their own premises. Internet bandwidth has become so widely available, maybe to deal with unavailability due to power down or server down matters, but the rest should
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Cyprus Food and Drink

CYPRUS FOOD AND DRINK Every traveller when travel new land and place, beside we look for taken and experience the place, people and culture, what they local eat and drink, in particular local cuisine that unique is what we looking for tasting. Since in the end, it complete our travel experience by provide the food
I saw the Chinese novel Ever Night 将夜, inside got two poem stand out that together pair just nice to explain one of the character well, two different state of the person life. I pop up the idea for record my own journaling, water color background and then Chinese brush. Before handwriting the journal. World
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Journaling Mid-Autumn Festival

Today spare some of the time to execute what in my mind, as next week Mid-Autumn is coming. Pre draw jade rabbits and Chang’er and print on transparent sticker, then watercolor painting the two pages. Post jade rabbits and Chang’er into their position. Then I use Chinese Brush to write what in mind, poem. My
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I received one of the Hobonichi Techo book covers I always wanted to have, in A5, it is out of stock and is at the end of production. Since Hobonichi Techo always practices for that year, and if you miss it, that is. The cover is from the year I did not start using Hobonichi
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Seize the day in your life

I made the record a few days back, to capture the moment I write a journal. I still don’t know what to do about it, since it was the first time I captured it. Somehow today I found out why not make the 1 minute long video from it, speed up some of the journaling
While the world now is under the Delta variant spread, and as time goes, new variant is evolved as I read. Whether or not those new variant will create new round of chain reaction, and how effective the current 2 jab of vaccine be is really need to see. As right now, the whole world
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这两年看中国从国企到民企的风向转变,与新政策的实施,可以予知对国企与民企前方会有什么样的变数。 每个国家有自己的一套营运法则,不能用自己的感知來断定,只有中国己方是对是错也不到他国说三道四。说白了,每方有自己的立场与利益考量。自己是外人,接触也只是有意无意流在外的新闻。 中国方的国企与大民企,关系阵营复杂。外人看就好,是打压敌阵或整治市场经济分配也好,看时闻走向与未来的事实,我想是比较客观的好。 事实无绝对,自己相信的也不见得是真,他人相信也不见得是假。真真假假假假真真,人生在世重要的是自己如何处事。 人生在世最重要还是好好的活出真我。画二个大圈,一个是自己有影响的,另一个是自己没有影响的。如他国发生什么事,事不关己,不必出己见。把时间精力专注在对己相关又能有影响的,才是正解。不知觉间,人类活在电子数位经济,大量超过自己能吸吸的量,要有选择不然短短的一生人,不可能有所为。要有所为,当然要有所不为。 断舍离的推出与大受欢迎有他的时空背景与天时地利人和的背景。企业家用一生人的生命时间创造新企业,从创新到成功,也看到经不起时代风云变幻,換一批人,另一个新时代的到来,有新的风云儿,自然也就要有人退场。人生就像开一场戏,有人进场退场。我想重要的是把自己的人生活得精采才是最重要的事。
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COVID-19 vaccination
我与妻昨天完成了二支疫苗接种与得到国家給的健康码。 在接种后还是会感染病毒,成为传播者的可能性。在全国还没有全部接种,加上他国的情况,还有一些国家的疫苗是不受承认的情况下,回到全球通行的年代,还要一段长时间。 这野心掌握生化科技与生化武器又不能好好的控制,造成全球问题。在全世界死了这么多人的前提下,不是空口转移注意力什么,全球人民是全体记得的,就算不当面说或你管制,人在做天在看,未来的世界与大方向改了。 一国的战争,对他国的伤害时不时都能看到。现在是这的放大版,只能看未来的历史。 很多国家的旅游景点在这两年间倒闭。怎样看都是1930年全球经济大肃条的现代加强版。 在这前提下,我们都要对未来做好准备。下来就看全球新冠疫苗接种速度。
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七月一连气下了大雨,河南大水災。印象中好像就是这样大洪水,之后没有什么的又再次水患。这水患整治的意识还是不知内情的事,自己不给意见。 自己是看到视频,一幕水淹少林寺,我记住了。中国河南省我与家人去过,从开封一路到西安。嵩山少林寺肯定要去的。多少的武侠小说都有少林寺藏经阁与武林泰斗什么的。 当然是水淹到寺门。下面的停车场就不用说了。 看了一回儿的视频,好像是城市建设,水道工程没有同步什么的。 一想就有东京下水库的工程,也是个另類景点。东京的城市发展建设,有不会水淹东京之说,因为水会要先填满在下面的水库才会开始上面。我想世上没有绝对,不过防卫是做足了。 地下水库简图,就是这一回事。不只是上面看得到的,下面看不到的也很重要。
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Putra Mosque, Putrajaya

A photo taken in the past, just browsing from the library, caught my eye. Really when we have too many photos, in the digital library, we may overlook it. I may better consider consolidating back into local NAS. As now I no longer continue to use Google Photos for keeping my photos, it is time

Modern Note Taking and Making

Suddenly, I want to talk about modern note taking and making. Not sure you are from which generation started to use computers, for me, I used it as early as Apple II, then PC DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 (virtualized). But for most enjoy

Lamy Mango Yellow ink

I possess this three color fountain pen, while recently surfing and bought it online. It is a nice colored pen, I like the whole body in the same color, so I do not mind buying them, even though I have similar pens in different colors that exist on my desk. The Lamy mango yellow, unique

Traveling the world

Traveling the world, just like everyone who once started traveling and fell in passion to do it, the more countries you go, the more you find the trips taken are not enough. So do I, from traveling, pick up travel photography, local literature, culture, music, film and TV shows to enjoy the local festival and
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In the very beginning, due to the analog camera and film involved, we were not able to take so many travel photos during the trip (unless you are willing to take excessive film rock stock). Even for the very beginning for the digital camera, due to the storage limit, we remain face the same, so
I am 45 years old right now. I will say it continues to matter most for handwriting despite how advanced digital technology, from digital journaling, with photo, audio, geotag and can print it out as the printed book, but you like it or not, that cool media. Handwriting journaling is warm media. For those who
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When the government calls for total lockdowns full movement control order (FMCO) v3.0, I follow, to make sure the government can execute it. But after 3 days, I notice, and just like our respectful Dr. Mahathiar in one of the online media video expressions, we all expect total lockdowns, where suppose like round 1 of
Not sure for how you read in recent dates, for me there is a significant decline in the print book readings. It is not because of COVID-19 I am not going out, as if I want to read print books I can always buy from online stores. Just like my wife did, I prefer print
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MCO 4.0 Lockdowns

Today I read news, came across the term MCO 4.0 being used for the coming reintroduce back for the full lockdowns for the initial 2 weeks, and see how it goes and then whether to extend it for more weeks, months to come. But based on now we are at 9000 inflection in daily figure,
One of my travel photography favor shoot, of course the main object is important, but how the local people interact with it and provide different feel and serve front and background. It remind me, it all about pay close attention for what you encounter and make the shoot by frame everything into camera. Location: Himeji
A travel photography I took during a summer trip to Iberia peninsula, for Spain and Portugal. Took it near Columbus Monument. Street Artists we will see from time to time, regardless of where they came from, to perform various local or other culture live performances. For this one for sure, I believe or make assumptions

Blogger platform is dead

Blogger platform is dead, let’s move on. Do not get me wrong, it is still offered as a free product for those who want to use it for. I am referred to as a user for on and off cover for a very long period of time, using blogger and WordPress, from free host to
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New iphone with M1 Chip

New iPhone with M1 Chip, are you expecting it to come soon whether this year or next year? With the recent iPad Pro making use of their M1 desktop chip to power it, it completely transformed another possibility, everyone under the ecosystem and platform into a single unified chip. It can bring in a lot
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Handwritten Journaling

What I gain from COVID-19 pandemic that causes worldwide disruption, from the lockdowns I suddenly get more time than before, and I fall back in love and start my handwritten journaling back. The result is book after book, it is really enjoyable to flip those pages, something simple, old fashion but highly useful for me
25-May-2021 Personal website “back to live”, as from this post onward, I am actually using my very own personal web server to host my very own content. I finally found the time to do it, I prefer to host my content, so I’m not need to give my consent to 3rd parties who host my
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New iMac 2021

Saw the event for Apple after so long roll out new iMac replacement, the existing case is being use for really long. However, for the modern display standard 27″ is relative small. The range of color make it eye catching at the first saw them, but really, whether it better than the classic color? For
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