I am 45 years old right now. I will say it continues to matter most for handwriting despite how advanced digital technology, from digital journaling, with photo, audio, geotag and can print it out as the printed book, but you like it or not, that cool media. Handwriting journaling is warm media. For those who
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When the government calls for total lockdowns full movement control order (FMCO) v3.0, I follow, to make sure the government can execute it. But after 3 days, I notice, and just like our respectful Dr. Mahathiar in one of the online media video expressions, we all expect total lockdowns, where suppose like round 1 of
Not sure for how you read in recent dates, for me there is a significant decline in the print book readings. It is not because of COVID-19 I am not going out, as if I want to read print books I can always buy from online stores. Just like my wife did, I prefer print
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MCO 4.0 Lockdowns

Today I read news, came across the term MCO 4.0 being used for the coming reintroduce back for the full lockdowns for the initial 2 weeks, and see how it goes and then whether to extend it for more weeks, months to come. But based on now we are at 9000 inflection in daily figure,
One of my travel photography favor shoot, of course the main object is important, but how the local people interact with it and provide different feel and serve front and background. It remind me, it all about pay close attention for what you encounter and make the shoot by frame everything into camera. Location: Himeji

End of DayOne Journal

Just like everyone, I had the journaling or diary habit, from previous handwritten to modern digital journaling app, end of DayOne Journal, my personal journaling experience and below is the reason why as a user. I have used the DayOne journal app since Day One on the iPhone 3 (then 4,5 and Mac, ipad) and
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A travel photography I took during a summer trip to Iberia peninsula, for Spain and Portugal. Took it near Columbus Monument. Street Artists we will see from time to time, regardless of where they came from, to perform various local or other culture live performances. For this one for sure, I believe or make assumptions

Blogger platform is dead

Blogger platform is dead, let’s move on. Do not get me wrong, it is still offered as a free product for those who want to use it for. I am referred to as a user for on and off cover for a very long period of time, using blogger and WordPress, from free host to
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New iphone with M1 Chip

New iPhone with M1 Chip, are you expecting it to come soon whether this year or next year? With the recent iPad Pro making use of their M1 desktop chip to power it, it completely transformed another possibility, everyone under the ecosystem and platform into a single unified chip. It can bring in a lot
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Handwritten Journaling

What I gain from COVID-19 pandemic that causes worldwide disruption, from the lockdowns I suddenly get more time than before, and I fall back in love and start my handwritten journaling back. The result is book after book, it is really enjoyable to flip those pages, something simple, old fashion but highly useful for me
25-May-2021 Personal website “back to live”, as from this post onward, I am actually using my very own personal web server to host my very own content. I finally found the time to do it, I prefer to host my content, so I’m not need to give my consent to 3rd parties who host my
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New iMac 2021

Saw the event for Apple after so long roll out new iMac replacement, the existing case is being use for really long. However, for the modern display standard 27″ is relative small. The range of color make it eye catching at the first saw them, but really, whether it better than the classic color? For
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Being a while no take photo from camera, and take this morning to take some while in the Saturday morning, just to make sure I do not forgot how to enjoy take photo despite in the time traveling not a right timing until COVID-19 be the past. Some photo taken from the wiring desk, fountain
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Long absence from blogging

I am really being away from the online blogging, for a period of time, since I practically handwritten daily. But I still believe blogging online is still a way to go, for the long run, no for anything, but as the platform for reaching out, to the world, which despite handwritten journal is useful for
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Out of sight, out of mind

I just got an email notification then I just realized, I recreate a site back in the local host, but never really use it thereafter. Whether the need for the expression writing or whatever, I seem already to transit over and using different media to do so.
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This is Personal Season’s Greetings Happy New Year 2021 video message by Lim Kim Keong, to greet friends and contact across the globe for the happy new year and enjoy the holidays. Greeting everyone, 4 more working days we are reaching 2021. I made a personal video message to greet everyone happy new year 2021
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This is Personal Season’s Greetings Merry Christmas 2020 video message by (Vincent) Lim Kim Keong, to greet friends and contacts across globe for the merry christmas and enjoy the holidays. For Christian customer and supplier partners, it is a special religion moment, we wish you merry christmas 2020. For those non-Christian it is still a
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Meet the future: end of books

End of books, suddenly in my mind, so I write it down. I was born in 1975, still considered generation grew up with the books. Lucky enough I finished graduate education and if you ask me what the most important things I learn I will be an educated person and a lifelong learner myself. My
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Web Consolidation

Web consolidation by consolidating all the websites spread across here and there into single is pop up in my mind. I think it helps to cut a lot of time for maintaining and updating respective websites, and sometimes may be forgotten, due to not developing new content for a period of time, the typical human
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I haven’t logged in for a long time, never login and write a post. No about the lockdown period, it just somehow sudden lost the interest to keep writing online. Actually during the period I spent more time reading, due to lockdowns, a lot of planned activities all got to postpone and suddenly have more

New content from iLife only

Moving forward, all the new content will choose to publish from subdomain only, as the main website will change to become more like hub and for cover basis information like who I am and provide link to all actual active develop website for the content. The old content will continue to leave here,

Trip Japan Honshu Spring Season

This is visual trip journal with selective pick travel photography I taken along the trip. This is the second trip for me to Japan with wife, first trip is to Hokkaido in winter season. Below is Indiana Jones like travel map, easy to explain where am I travel for the trip, high level in single map.
Sai Wan Swimming Shed 西環泳棚

Over Photo Generation

For those had certain age will appreciate for the past when taken photo no that easy and need to wash film for the photo. At blink of eye, digital photography pair with endless photo capability for store them in the cloud, we end up living in the generation with just too many photo being taken.
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Mapping choice for the future

As keep add new post, it become impossible for slowly create beautiful travel map and work backward, instead, from each post that made what to show in geotag manner, just direct from the post add the geotag information and let them dynamically show in one dynamic generate page below. So, it instantly provide and use


Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of Malta. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago. Compared to its southeastern neighbour, Gozo is more rural and known for its scenic hills, which are featured on its coat of arms.

Cyprus Food and Drink

Every traveler when travel new land and place, beside we look for taken and experience the place, people and culture, what they local eat and drink, in particular local cuisine that unique is what we looking for tasting. Since in the end, it complete our travel experience by provide the food and drink touch that

Transition to Smart Home

World is keep moving forward, digital lifestyle is always within reach, it matter for you willing to living it and implement it or not. In the past despite had bought smart device here and there, but never thought of implement smart home for iLiving lifestyle. So what coming next will be first, bring in Google

From iTunes to Plex

I being use iTunes for long period of time, since first purchase iphone 3G, follow with Mac Book Pro (at that time is Lion, ie 10.7) then basically I in Apple eco systems, as I bought the idea for Apple at that time iLife and iWork lifestyle). I use iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and along the
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Professional Profile

In business world, I use Vincent Lim for let people easy to call me. From 30s onward I am make my living by running business to help customers and marketplace for enterprise technology product solution consultancy, trading and services. Now days, across the region the company did business across Asia Pacific with various supplier partner