Cyprus Food and Drink

CYPRUS FOOD AND DRINK Every traveller when travel new land and place, beside we look for taken and experience the place, people and culture, what they local eat and drink, in particular local cuisine that unique is what we looking for tasting. Since in the end, it complete our travel experience by provide the food
I saw the Chinese novel Ever Night 将夜, inside got two poem stand out that together pair just nice to explain one of the character well, two different state of the person life. I pop up the idea for record my own journaling, water color background and then Chinese brush. Before handwriting the journal. World
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Journaling Mid-Autumn Festival

Today spare some of the time to execute what in my mind, as next week Mid-Autumn is coming. Pre draw jade rabbits and Chang’er and print on transparent sticker, then watercolor painting the two pages. Post jade rabbits and Chang’er into their position. Then I use Chinese Brush to write what in mind, poem. My
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I received one of the Hobonichi Techo book covers I always wanted to have, in A5, it is out of stock and is at the end of production. Since Hobonichi Techo always practices for that year, and if you miss it, that is. The cover is from the year I did not start using Hobonichi
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Seize the day in your life

I made the record a few days back, to capture the moment I write a journal. I still don’t know what to do about it, since it was the first time I captured it. Somehow today I found out why not make the 1 minute long video from it, speed up some of the journaling

Putra Mosque, Putrajaya

A photo taken in the past, just browsing from the library, caught my eye. Really when we have too many photos, in the digital library, we may overlook it. I may better consider consolidating back into local NAS. As now I no longer continue to use Google Photos for keeping my photos, it is time

Lamy Mango Yellow ink

I possess this three color fountain pen, while recently surfing and bought it online. It is a nice colored pen, I like the whole body in the same color, so I do not mind buying them, even though I have similar pens in different colors that exist on my desk. The Lamy mango yellow, unique

Traveling the world

Traveling the world, just like everyone who once started traveling and fell in passion to do it, the more countries you go, the more you find the trips taken are not enough. So do I, from traveling, pick up travel photography, local literature, culture, music, film and TV shows to enjoy the local festival and
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In the very beginning, due to the analog camera and film involved, we were not able to take so many travel photos during the trip (unless you are willing to take excessive film rock stock). Even for the very beginning for the digital camera, due to the storage limit, we remain face the same, so
I am 45 years old right now. I will say it continues to matter most for handwriting despite how advanced digital technology, from digital journaling, with photo, audio, geotag and can print it out as the printed book, but you like it or not, that cool media. Handwriting journaling is warm media. For those who
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One of my travel photography favor shoot, of course the main object is important, but how the local people interact with it and provide different feel and serve front and background. It remind me, it all about pay close attention for what you encounter and make the shoot by frame everything into camera. Location: Himeji
A travel photography I took during a summer trip to Iberia peninsula, for Spain and Portugal. Took it near Columbus Monument. Street Artists we will see from time to time, regardless of where they came from, to perform various local or other culture live performances. For this one for sure, I believe or make assumptions