2018-Jun-18 Dogo Onsen 道後温泉

When plan for the round Shikoku island, Dogo Onsen already in the list, mainly due to the public bath house. I mean the old one, that name one of the top 3 oldest onsen.

Being go inside alone while wife no want to go, walk from the onsen hotel we stay, and few minutes walk, then at the counter make the payment, then go inside. It is old fashion onsen inside, lot of people. While in the onsen, I recall for some of the scene i read from the famous Japanese writer Natsume Sōseki (1867–1916), novel Botchan, where the main character frequent visit here.

Due to near by the onsen shopping street, it consider one of the easy to access tourist destination without doubt.

Old England Dogo Yamanote Hotel 道後山の手ホテル

From the trip most of the hotel I book is onsen ryokan, but here I book Old England style. When walk in it provide the feel already.

Breakfast set is good. Despite the hotel style got own onsen (hot spring), but I choose to take my bath at no too far away iconic onsen building in the town. This is the purpose draw me come to visit here. When entrance and in the hot spring, the scene for the famous novel that I read is pop up my mind. This is the place where the main actor, actually the writer past memory. The building at day time lot of people at outside, wonder how many is really go inside for the bath. I think mine during night, the building lighting is beautiful.
Overall the hotel is within walking distance for the onsen street and iconic onsen building.

Dogo Onsen Main Building 道後温泉本館

Travel Shikoku region, it hard for you no put a plan to visit here. Being one of the top 3 oldest onsen, indeed old style that still function and serve people. Whether you read the famous novel and come here or inspiration for the night scene for light up.

If you ask me stay near me for a night, so you can enjoy the day and night, got onsen shopping street, the time eat for walk and eat, easy to be spend.

Do not forgot to really go inside for at least once for the old fashion bathhouse. I done it at night.

Dogo Shopping Street 道後ハイカラ通り

Just walk out from the Dogo Onsen station is the shopping street, and at the very end of the street is the famous iconic Dogo Onsen Main Building. Got lot of people, but people will slowly less once reach the dinner time, as more shop is close near 6pm.

The shop nearby remain will be those on the restaurant business only.

Dogo Onsen Station 道後温泉駅

Unless you are not take the train over, else this for sure will be your first building you saw, in old fashion design. Inside got Stackbucks. Outside got one still function old train, you need to check the time table when it run.

Botchan Karakuri Clock 坊っちゃんカラクリ時計

At the Dogo Onsen station, is a square, you will saw this clock. Depend on the time, if either close or all the character come out from the clock, from the famous Japan novel.

Botchan 坊っちゃん

Botchan (坊っちゃん) is a novel written by Natsume Sōseki 夏目漱石 in 1906. It is one of the most popular novels in Japan, read by many Japanese during their school years. The central theme of the story is morality, but the narrator serves up this theme with generous sides of humor and sarcasm.

I purposely found it and read it before take the trip. Believe me, that is one of the best way to experience what you encounter and provide insight into the place. If you never read it, you will miss lot of things, even you encounter it, but since you do not had that background to process it.