Saw it last night with family. First day in show in local cinema. Write down the thought. If in compare with the Star Wars 8, this Star Wars 9 do a good job to please audience. But due to want to catch up and ending the story, it take longer time to tell the story.

After so many round of changing the name, and with massive negative comment like storm come from Star Wars fans, the final story for the episode 7, 8 and now the final episode 9.  No matter how it go, kill off Han Solo, follow with Luke Skywalker, two legendary iconic character (they should be asset

Come across the new of Star Wars TV Show (airing 12 November 2019), from Disney’s own Disney+ streaming service (it seem now days everyone want to be next Netflix, I saw Amazon and Apple is doing the same). It about the story of “a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from

Star Wars Next

October 28, 2018 by Lim Kim Keong in

Some how read it and know that under Disney-owned Lucasfilm has schedule extensive volume of Star-Wars stories to be release. Star Wars: Episode IX (Dec. 20, 2019). Star Wars: Episode IX will be the third and final chapter in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Rian Johnson whole new Star Wars Trilogy (TBA) to follow Episode

Sahara Desert Morocco or Erg Chebbi near Merzouga

After traveling to Erg Chebbi, near Merzouga and come back. Spend sometime on the topic whether it indeed part of the Sahara Desert also brother me. Human nature we want absolute sure where we are, in particular we had GPS geo location can be use for confirm the geo location. My journey, wake up at

The Last Jedi

December 14, 2017 by Lim Kim Keong in

The Last Jedi, saw the movie in the cinema. What to said, it seem new director and producer really no like the original trilogy, kill off all the main character, so after episode 7 we had lovely character Han Solo get kill by his son Ben Solo, and now episode 8 we go legendary Jedi

Star Wars The Jedi and The Force

My order Star Wars Jedi cosplay dress is finally arrived just before the movie The Last Jedi on show and before I take my trip. Surprise me for how real it is for the Jedi dress pairing with the Jedi lightsaber, thru the video capture it in the motion for the lightsaber sword play, out

The Last Jedi various possibility

The Last Jedi various possibility is develop as star wars fan is base on various trailer provide various speculation how the coming movie story will go on. It interesting to see how the basis they draw their speculation. Basically few main one I come across, Luke Skywalker turn to dark side, as Leia will died

The Force and Jedi Transformation

I am still recall when I am was kid, Luke Skywalker opening scene is eye opening, young man in white dress and in the endless desert, he begin his life story for the coming change. He meet up with the Jedi and transform his life to become the hero at his time. Now I saw

The epic for the galaxy far

The epic for the galaxy far far away, star wars episode 8 “The Last Jedi” is coming for this December 15,2017. Despite last episode kill the Han Solo, one of my love character from the story plot. As fan since kid time, still hold some faith and let see how it go. Regardless of how