Lamy Mango Yellow ink

I possess this three color fountain pen, while recently surfing and bought it online. It is a nice colored pen, I like the whole body in the same color, so I do not mind buying them, even though I have similar pens in different colors that exist on my desk. The Lamy mango yellow, unique
I am 45 years old right now. I will say it continues to matter most for handwriting despite how advanced digital technology, from digital journaling, with photo, audio, geotag and can print it out as the printed book, but you like it or not, that cool media. Handwriting journaling is warm media. For those who
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Handwritten Journaling

What I gain from COVID-19 pandemic that causes worldwide disruption, from the lockdowns I suddenly get more time than before, and I fall back in love and start my handwritten journaling back. The result is book after book, it is really enjoyable to flip those pages, something simple, old fashion but highly useful for me
Being a while no take photo from camera, and take this morning to take some while in the Saturday morning, just to make sure I do not forgot how to enjoy take photo despite in the time traveling not a right timing until COVID-19 be the past. Some photo taken from the wiring desk, fountain
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Long absence from blogging

I am really being away from the online blogging, for a period of time, since I practically handwritten daily. But I still believe blogging online is still a way to go, for the long run, no for anything, but as the platform for reaching out, to the world, which despite handwritten journal is useful for
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Transition to Smart Home

World is keep moving forward, digital lifestyle is always within reach, it matter for you willing to living it and implement it or not. In the past despite had bought smart device here and there, but never thought of implement smart home for iLiving lifestyle. So what coming next will be first, bring in Google

From iTunes to Plex

I being use iTunes for long period of time, since first purchase iphone 3G, follow with Mac Book Pro (at that time is Lion, ie 10.7) then basically I in Apple eco systems, as I bought the idea for Apple at that time iLife and iWork lifestyle). I use iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and along the
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Endless desert of Sahara desert is one of the good stage where I realize one of the kid time memory for dress in jedi and walking the desert in the morning sunrise moment. The video capture that time experience and moment. When I know one of the place I will visit is desert, base on
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Star Wars Feel of the Force

As the first generation Star Wars audience for the original Luke Skywalker saga in the kid time. Always being in the imagination during kid time how the Jedi and in particular lightsaber, the laser sword use by the Jedi swording experience will be. With the modern time and technology advancement, now it become possible reality
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