The Era of the Individual

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End of the fountain pen era

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End of DayOne Journal

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To host personal data in the right way

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Being a while no take photo from camera, and take this morning to take some while in the Saturday morning, just to make sure I do not forgot how to enjoy take photo despite in the time traveling not a right timing until COVID-19 be the past. Some photo taken from the wiring desk, fountain
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Long absence from blogging

I am really being away from the online blogging, for a period of time, since I practically handwritten daily. But I still believe blogging online is still a way to go, for the long run, no for anything, but as the platform for reaching out, to the world, which despite handwritten journal is useful for
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Out of sight, out of mind

I just got an email notification then I just realized, I recreate a site back in the local host, but never really use it thereafter. Whether the need for the expression writing or whatever, I seem already to transit over and using different media to do so.
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This is Personal Season’s Greetings Happy New Year 2021 video message by Lim Kim Keong, to greet friends and contact across the globe for the happy new year and enjoy the holidays. Greeting everyone, 4 more working days we are reaching 2021. I made a personal video message to greet everyone happy new year 2021
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This is Personal Season’s Greetings Merry Christmas 2020 video message by (Vincent) Lim Kim Keong, to greet friends and contacts across globe for the merry christmas and enjoy the holidays. For Christian customer and supplier partners, it is a special religion moment, we wish you merry christmas 2020. For those non-Christian it is still a
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Meet the future: end of books

End of books, suddenly in my mind, so I write it down. I was born in 1975, still considered generation grew up with the books. Lucky enough I finished graduate education and if you ask me what the most important things I learn I will be an educated person and a lifelong learner myself. My
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Web Consolidation

Web consolidation by consolidating all the websites spread across here and there into single is pop up in my mind. I think it helps to cut a lot of time for maintaining and updating respective websites, and sometimes may be forgotten, due to not developing new content for a period of time, the typical human
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I haven’t logged in for a long time, never login and write a post. No about the lockdown period, it just somehow sudden lost the interest to keep writing online. Actually during the period I spent more time reading, due to lockdowns, a lot of planned activities all got to postpone and suddenly have more

New content from iLife only

Moving forward, all the new content will choose to publish from subdomain only, as the main website will change to become more like hub and for cover basis information like who I am and provide link to all actual active develop website for the content. The old content will continue to leave here,

Trip Japan Honshu Spring Season

This is visual trip journal with selective pick travel photography I taken along the trip. This is the second trip for me to Japan with wife, first trip is to Hokkaido in winter season. Below is Indiana Jones like travel map, easy to explain where am I travel for the trip, high level in single map.
Sai Wan Swimming Shed 西環泳棚

Over Photo Generation

For those had certain age will appreciate for the past when taken photo no that easy and need to wash film for the photo. At blink of eye, digital photography pair with endless photo capability for store them in the cloud, we end up living in the generation with just too many photo being taken.
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Mapping choice for the future

As keep add new post, it become impossible for slowly create beautiful travel map and work backward, instead, from each post that made what to show in geotag manner, just direct from the post add the geotag information and let them dynamically show in one dynamic generate page below. So, it instantly provide and use


Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of Malta. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago. Compared to its southeastern neighbour, Gozo is more rural and known for its scenic hills, which are featured on its coat of arms.

Transition to Smart Home

World is keep moving forward, digital lifestyle is always within reach, it matter for you willing to living it and implement it or not. In the past despite had bought smart device here and there, but never thought of implement smart home for iLiving lifestyle. So what coming next will be first, bring in Google

From iTunes to Plex

I being use iTunes for long period of time, since first purchase iphone 3G, follow with Mac Book Pro (at that time is Lion, ie 10.7) then basically I in Apple eco systems, as I bought the idea for Apple at that time iLife and iWork lifestyle). I use iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and along the
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Professional Profile

In business world, I use Vincent Lim for let people easy to call me. From 30s onward I am make my living by running business to help customers and marketplace for enterprise technology product solution consultancy, trading and services. Now days, across the region the company did business across Asia Pacific with various supplier partner

Dogo Onsen 道後温泉

2018-Jun-18 When plan for the round Shikoku island, Dogo Onsen already in the list, mainly due to the public bath house. I mean the old one, that name one of the top 3 oldest onsen. Being go inside alone while wife no want to go, walk from the onsen hotel we stay, and few minutes

Maikhao Beach, Phuket

Just re visit back the trip 2014.9 Thailand Phuket photo, and this is catch my eye. Watch the sea with wife while stay at Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa, it actually a very strong winds scene where storm is coming soon, taken with tripod behind us. One of the way I always like to take
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Bangsar PULP Cafe

During weekend leisure time with family for Brunch over here. Original plan to visit next door another cafe just too many people and family member do not want to waste time for the waiting, so visit this cafe we never visit before. Photo taken with F2 aperture wide open this is why look dreamy. In
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95 Degres Art Cafe

Another cafe visit with family during weekend leisure time. Photo taken with camera. Now days I seldom use camera, but if I did, I take photo with it, instead of snapshot with smart phone. I know smartphone is handy, but I think to produce shot that get the feeling, I prefer camera. All take with
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Brotz N.19 Lifestyle Cafe

Family time again for weekend brunch. Found a new cafe for it and I bring camera, as want to try out how the new prime len taken at F2 will look like. From travel zoom len and shift to prime len, mainly is attempt to explore how to taken F2 aperture and the bokeh effect

Bangsar South Botanica + Co

In weekend, so search for place for brunch with family. It located at Bangsar South. Due to in the weekend, so no rush hours, and with family had a good time for the brunch. First time come here. I take some photo with camera, Fujifilm X mirrorless, as I left the DSLR in home, I
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Shimoda 下田

We purposely all the way come down to the South Izu (南伊豆) of Izu penisula is to watch and ride black ship (黑船) near by the bay. The photo taken when black ship is near by the Tori (鳥居) build on the small island. When you in the black ship ride, you buy some snack


第八次日本之旅,订在大关东区域。 在电子手帐也写了两篇如下。 很有设计感,喜欢。就像封面海报。 把区域鎖定下来就分区把要去的地方景点写下,整理出來就OK了。 2019年3月7日 几天前完成的篇谈温泉。 几天前定了來回机票。 昨天也先定黑山立部顶的酒店。因为是夏季限定的热门景点,要先下手。 今天在改了又改情况下,最终的大关东之旅的大形出來了。加上新泻县。下來就是在大纲上加減就好。 刚刚完成了新泻之章~佐渡.月岡温泉~。在不知觉下我也完成之前北越地方之旅沒到过的古越后国.佐渡国。 2019年3月9日 妻昨天说行程上加不了新泻三天二夜之旅,因我加了在南信浓的武田神社.诹访湖住一晚.奈良井宿,御射鹿池。 所以要在关东区内看住那里一晚。 2019年3月14日 大纲做最后变动。不上雪国新泻,现在是初夏。在伊豆半島留多几天从热海,到南伊豆的下田,去西伊豆与中伊豆。下次就不用在深入了,基本上己经环島,比一般人跳点深入了很多。 2019年3月17日 今天做应该是最后的整理,原本想用五晚去东北。想对就要趕行程,而且对东北沒有樱花,红叶,雪景也真的沒有待别要上去的目的。就在伊豆半島最后慢遊好过赶行程。 自己走行程要自在就好。 2019年3月24日 想在这做改动,太平洋鸟居第一道日升的一刻难控制,住在大洗海岸才是正道。因为不是春天也没绝景梅花园,偕乐园初夏可考虑不去。      
Beside make use of the Google Map, had try out other solution for the planning purpose. One of the very best and handy is no more updated Apple Mac iPhoto book creation map, easy to use and direct to the point for what want to be create. In the market, no lack for the mapping
I in transition to make use of google map for the mapping need. And here the travel map I create and use for put all the trip related resource into single map. I plan to use it for record where I stay, where I eat, where I visit, sightseeing and the coming put and upload

Hikone 彦根

Departing from Nagoya and arrived Hikone 彦根. First thing is to checkin hotel for overnight stay and start to explore Hikone 彦根. Mainly interest to visit the Hikone castle 彦根城. Below the trip journal From Nagoya to Hikone Take the travel luggage from hotel and take the train from Nagoya station to Hikone station. It
This is the trip summary page. Above is the trip route and below is each day overview. By click on above route with post attached, it will open up that specific day post and trip journal. Day 1 2018-Jun-8 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Hong Kong International Airport. Stay Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀. Day

Chikubu Island 竹生島

Our Hikone (彦根) trip got two main travel objective. One is visit Hikone castle (彦根城), and another one is to visit Chikubu Island (竹生島) located inside the Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) (the largest freshwater lake in Japan). Chikubu Island being name as Eight views of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖八景之一竹生島) since ancient time. We choose to come here