Trip Japan Great Kanto Summer

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Trip Japan Honshu Spring Season

This is visual trip journal with selective pick travel photography I taken along the trip. This is the second trip for me to Japan with wife, first trip is to Hokkaido in winter season. Below is Indiana Jones like travel map, easy to explain where am I travel for the trip, high level in single map.
Sai Wan Swimming Shed 西環泳棚

Over Photo Generation

For those had certain age will appreciate for the past when taken photo no that easy and need to wash film for the photo. At blink of eye, digital photography pair with endless photo capability for store them in the cloud, we end up living in the generation with just too many photo being taken.
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Mapping choice for the future

As keep add new post, it become impossible for slowly create beautiful travel map and work backward, instead, from each post that made what to show in geotag manner, just direct from the post add the geotag information and let them dynamically show in one dynamic generate page below. So, it instantly provide and use


Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of Malta. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago. Compared to its southeastern neighbour, Gozo is more rural and known for its scenic hills, which are featured on its coat of arms.

Transition to Smart Home

World is keep moving forward, digital lifestyle is always within reach, it matter for you willing to living it and implement it or not. In the past despite had bought smart device here and there, but never thought of implement smart home for iLiving lifestyle. So what coming next will be first, bring in Google

From iTunes to Plex

I being use iTunes for long period of time, since first purchase iphone 3G, follow with Mac Book Pro (at that time is Lion, ie 10.7) then basically I in Apple eco systems, as I bought the idea for Apple at that time iLife and iWork lifestyle). I use iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and along the
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Dogo Onsen 道後温泉

2018-Jun-18 When plan for the round Shikoku island, Dogo Onsen already in the list, mainly due to the public bath house. I mean the old one, that name one of the top 3 oldest onsen. Being go inside alone while wife no want to go, walk from the onsen hotel we stay, and few minutes

Maikhao Beach, Phuket

Just re visit back the trip 2014.9 Thailand Phuket photo, and this is catch my eye. Watch the sea with wife while stay at Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa, it actually a very strong winds scene where storm is coming soon, taken with tripod behind us. One of the way I always like to take
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Bangsar PULP Cafe

During weekend leisure time with family for Brunch over here. Original plan to visit next door another cafe just too many people and family member do not want to waste time for the waiting, so visit this cafe we never visit before. Photo taken with F2 aperture wide open this is why look dreamy. In
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95 Degres Art Cafe

Another cafe visit with family during weekend leisure time. Photo taken with camera. Now days I seldom use camera, but if I did, I take photo with it, instead of snapshot with smart phone. I know smartphone is handy, but I think to produce shot that get the feeling, I prefer camera. All take with
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Brotz N.19 Lifestyle Cafe

Family time again for weekend brunch. Found a new cafe for it and I bring camera, as want to try out how the new prime len taken at F2 will look like. From travel zoom len and shift to prime len, mainly is attempt to explore how to taken F2 aperture and the bokeh effect

Bangsar South Botanica + Co

In weekend, so search for place for brunch with family. It located at Bangsar South. Due to in the weekend, so no rush hours, and with family had a good time for the brunch. First time come here. I take some photo with camera, Fujifilm X mirrorless, as I left the DSLR in home, I
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Shimoda 下田

We purposely all the way come down to the South Izu (南伊豆) of Izu penisula is to watch and ride black ship (黑船) near by the bay. The photo taken when black ship is near by the Tori (鳥居) build on the small island. When you in the black ship ride, you buy some snack


第八次日本之旅,订在大关东区域。 在电子手帐也写了两篇如下。 很有设计感,喜欢。就像封面海报。 把区域鎖定下来就分区把要去的地方景点写下,整理出來就OK了。 2019年3月7日 几天前完成的篇谈温泉。 几天前定了來回机票。 昨天也先定黑山立部顶的酒店。因为是夏季限定的热门景点,要先下手。 今天在改了又改情况下,最终的大关东之旅的大形出來了。加上新泻县。下來就是在大纲上加減就好。 刚刚完成了新泻之章~佐渡.月岡温泉~。在不知觉下我也完成之前北越地方之旅沒到过的古越后国.佐渡国。 2019年3月9日 妻昨天说行程上加不了新泻三天二夜之旅,因我加了在南信浓的武田神社.诹访湖住一晚.奈良井宿,御射鹿池。 所以要在关东区内看住那里一晚。 2019年3月14日 大纲做最后变动。不上雪国新泻,现在是初夏。在伊豆半島留多几天从热海,到南伊豆的下田,去西伊豆与中伊豆。下次就不用在深入了,基本上己经环島,比一般人跳点深入了很多。 2019年3月17日 今天做应该是最后的整理,原本想用五晚去东北。想对就要趕行程,而且对东北沒有樱花,红叶,雪景也真的沒有待别要上去的目的。就在伊豆半島最后慢遊好过赶行程。 自己走行程要自在就好。 2019年3月24日 想在这做改动,太平洋鸟居第一道日升的一刻难控制,住在大洗海岸才是正道。因为不是春天也没绝景梅花园,偕乐园初夏可考虑不去。      
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Beside make use of the Google Map, had try out other solution for the planning purpose. One of the very best and handy is no more updated Apple Mac iPhoto book creation map, easy to use and direct to the point for what want to be create. In the market, no lack for the mapping
I in transition to make use of google map for the mapping need. And here the travel map I create and use for put all the trip related resource into single map. I plan to use it for record where I stay, where I eat, where I visit, sightseeing and the coming put and upload

Hikone 彦根

Departing from Nagoya and arrived Hikone 彦根. First thing is to checkin hotel for overnight stay and start to explore Hikone 彦根. Mainly interest to visit the Hikone castle 彦根城. Below the trip journal From Nagoya to Hikone Take the travel luggage from hotel and take the train from Nagoya station to Hikone station. It
This is the trip summary page. Above is the trip route and below is each day overview. By click on above route with post attached, it will open up that specific day post and trip journal. Day 1 2018-Jun-8 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Hong Kong International Airport. Stay Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀. Day

Chikubu Island 竹生島

Our Hikone (彦根) trip got two main travel objective. One is visit Hikone castle (彦根城), and another one is to visit Chikubu Island (竹生島) located inside the Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) (the largest freshwater lake in Japan). Chikubu Island being name as Eight views of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖八景之一竹生島) since ancient time. We choose to come here
This is the trip page. The above is the visual travel route for the trip, break by each stop, by click on the above will open the actual post for the trip. Below is quick summary for the trip, served as the overview. This is the trip 8 visit to Japan, this trip main theme


旅行去自己想去的地方就好,其他无视就可以了。 当你有二十四天二十三晚,问题变复杂。人心想太多。其实重点在我为什么要到一个地方。是不是世界遗产,名胜古跡,季节完全不重要,这才是旅行的意义。 旅行的意义因人而異。有人想多走景点,有人想慢游,慢慢感受每一刻,不想花时间在长途交通上,我选择用那时间静下來,看夕阳,喝咖啡,走走看看。又不是在工作,何不慢慢走,享受旅行的时光。 还记得参观无旅客的禅寺,我可以靜下心來,直正的享受那一刻的意境。相比人山人海的景点,我选择意境。 同样的心境在第二次再到白川乡我入住当地的温泉旅馆,在日游的旅客走了之后,村里好走多了。在其他人赶下一个景点时,我在旅馆内泡露天温泉,看红叶绝景,人生几何?我可以想像古代中国三国曹操在长江赤壁之战前吟《短歌行》的"醉酒当歌,人生几何"与日本战国时代织田信长吟《敦盛》"人生五十年,與天地長久相較,如夢又似幻"的感受。
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Thru learn by doing basis, I make my very own trailer. Saw it lot of time for movie trailer, but thru the process make one and let me know and realize that 1 minute need lot of content and effort to sort it out. From the process I learn how to visualize the content and

Captain Marvel

One of the movie recently saw at cinema. Despite already know it is commercial by product and try to introduce the character before put it inside Avengers together and show up in the coming End Game. But really, it a bit of after watch the movie, I thinking, actually without saw it I think will
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Alita: Battle Angel

This few week I manage to saw two movie in cinema. Alita, after watch it, keep remind me that is all about story. If you had the good story and tell it right, then audience will take it. Despite this story already had it for sometime, where James Cameron can not make it due to
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An onsen (温泉) is a Japanese hot spring; the term also extends to cover the bathing facilities and traditional inns frequently situated around a hot spring. Depend on the regional location, it had run by Japan traditional Ryokan (旅館 Japanese style inn) or by resort hotel. It can be enjoy in various way. For me personally I like to enjoy outdoor
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瓦特纳冰原 (Vatnajokull Glacier)下的冰洞是坐落在冰島(Iceland) 中很有名的景点。给我如看幻想小说冰与火之歌,电视剧译为权力的游戏中的情景,就是极北长城外的风景。 冰島有人來看北极光,在我看来在夏天才是最适合到达的地方,很多地方只有夏天才能去。不看极光,在午夜太阳下坐小船看冰山也是很有意思的。
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在很多产业没有充份準备的情况下,数位经济取代了大多数的传统业务,不要说中小企业,就算国际企业也要马上消失。 用例子來说。以前买唱片的年代到mp3,再到不用买,网上资源众多,我们进化到用看而不是听的。你看在youtube上的音乐歌曲就知道了。传统买卖音乐的渠道消失。 大企业如Kodak卖相机底片的,转型失败,完全倒产。日本Fujifilm也是卖底片的,转型成功。同样的我们也看到Nokia传统手机从第一到不入主流。我们也看到Samsung转型成功。 传统媒体如报纸杂志书本,在大数位转型下,倒产居多。转收费而生存的在小数。大工厂也在进化当中,人工智慧AI与机器自动化,工厂人员从生产力资源变成沒有产効的成本。 大企一个决策失误,马上倒产。这是一个光速竞争的年代。不在大而在做出未來需要的产品。没有大格局宏观的领导者与管理团队,企业很难在市场竞争。只靠之前成功的产品与作法,不求上进学习当代与未來的需求,如何能与全球竞争。在数化网络的当下,沒有国界之分。 做企业生意多年,就是看到有未來竞争力的与老化脱节的企业。市场一直在变化当中,找到增值的业务(增值力)与不断向未来学习调整力(学习力,未來力),才能有企业续继力。 新的世界与不断更新的市场,我们需要以世界变化同步。新一代的年青人的构想,老一非辈的应有开明态度,自己不会的或沒做过的,不要一味否定年青一代的构思与企画。 我们要对更美好的未來做现在应该要做的事。不然未來到了,你自己却还没有准备好。


2018年初夏日本行中的一站四国香川县琴平的金刀比罗宫(全国海上交通守护神的总宫,总社)。 有一条买卖街,之后就要顺785级石阶。到奧社则为1368级石阶。 我在这就住在琴平町温泉旅馆二晚,方便去周边走走看看。 拍的一张照片,我妻穿巫女服,这是神宫,不错的构想。 金刀比罗宫 Konpira Shrine(ことひらぐう)是位于日本香川县仲多度郡琴平町的神社,别称金毘罗宫,金比羅大権現偶尔也写作日语读音相同的琴平宫。旧社格为国币中社(现神社本厅的别表神社)。  


之前去过高野山、走过四国遍路与关西西国三十三观音巡礼,自然会对关东的坂东三十三观音灵修场所(灵所)有兴趣。在多次旅游与慢旅、长旅之后,对旅行与走一段心灵旅程,看看不一样的旅途与体验有更加的喜好。无他,就是想要发现自己,原来走在没有太多旅客的地方,慢旅是很自在与写意的。 秩父三十四观音,加上关西西国三十三与关东坂东三十三就成”日本百观音”比四国八十八还多与区域更广。 坂东三十三个所(ばんどうさんじゅうさんかしょ)是神奈川县・埼玉县・东京都・群马县・栃木县・茨城县・千叶县的33座观音灵场。据说是源赖朝发愿,源实朝以西国灵场为模范制定札所。习惯上,巡礼者巡拜(结愿)全札所后,会到善光寺和北向观音“御礼参”。御礼参始于江户时代。 此外,坂东三十三个所、西国三十三所、秩父三十四个所合称日本百观音,结愿寺是秩父三十四个所的三十四番水潜寺。 番 山号 寺号 通称 本尊 宗派 所在地 1 大藏山 杉本寺 杉本观音 十一面观世音菩萨 天台宗 神奈川县镰仓市 2 海云山 岩殿寺 岩殿观音 十一面观世音菩萨 曹洞宗 神奈川县逗子市 3 祇园山 安养院 田代观音 千手观世音菩萨 净土宗 神奈川县镰仓市 4 海光山 长谷寺 长谷观音 十一面观世音菩萨 净土宗系单立 神奈川县镰仓市 5 饭泉山 胜福寺 饭泉观音 十一面观世音菩萨 真言宗东寺派 神奈川县小田原市 6 饭上山 长谷寺 饭山观音 十一面观世音菩萨 高野山真言宗 神奈川县厚木市 7 金目山