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Meet the future: end of books

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Web Consolidation

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Gintama (2017)

I saw the in cinema trailer Gintama 銀魂 (2017) and so saw it. I never saw the comic or animation of it before. As usual, if the Japan comics work, follow with animation and then movie version will come out. The story where alien and human live together, and lot of character in the movie.
End of physical book reading

End of physical book reading

End of physical book reading. I am in the generation get used for the physical book reading. The chance for let you had the opportunity direct using highlighter to comment and flip those pages anyplace you want, and enjoy reading without other form of distraction, that for me is kind of important relaxation session, maybe
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Thor Ragnarok

Thor 3rd standalone movie. I think this extended story plot with or without no impact on the overall Avenger story. Hulk with the spaceship landing so far to another end of the galaxy planet. And maintain the Hulk form for 2 years. It a bit out from the logic. Anyhow is no logic for superhero
The epic for the galaxy far

The epic for the galaxy far

The epic for the galaxy far far away, star wars episode 8 “The Last Jedi” is coming for this December 15,2017. Despite last episode kill the Han Solo, one of my love character from the story plot. As fan since kid time, still hold some faith and let see how it go. Regardless of how

Personal Profile

Like the quick overview from the above block of compact information to provide a quick snapshot for my life and provide a quick overview of my personal profile. I am being Asian, living in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region. Running enterprise technology trading and service group of companies, now in serving range of Asia Pacific
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Travel Visual Timeline Map Past Current Future

Travel Map

I used to deployed visual travel route for keep track all the travel destination being visited so far, until it reach 1000 over nodes, each time in backend it seem like just too heavy for that module to be load and function. So, will use it for each trip tracking that way use for link
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The Journey

The Journey. This is neither to justify my credentials nor to brag. I’m often asked where I’ve traveled, what next and why. Choose my “travel timeline map” from navigation menu or link to access to various travel related posts. Most recent trip is updated. But for the past trips, allow me take sometime to update
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About Us

My Family is a group of three passionate traveller in life who loves to travel and sharing the travel experience together. Beside me, my wife and kid, we are share traveling memories together. Due to kid still schooling, so for certain travel journey will take place during school holidays only. My Wife, with me for over 24
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Travel Sketch

I like sketch, travel sketch help me to remember the scene, the feeling and the mood much better due to I can selective sketch where to focus and where to discard from the scene. Recently, I experiment the new form of travel sketch, mix from my travel photo snapshot with sketch and partial water color
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Mobile phone blogging

Mobile phone blogging

In the past I had make it before and now setup again, as I believe in the future is era for the mobile so need to get use to it for just content writing and post. For website I will use it for the edit the website and implement change or long content that make
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New Website Ahead

I am in process revamp existing website, some of the existing link may not work well in the new website. I will fix it as part of the process. But if you landing here get the file no found, so sorry for that and please revisit in the near feature for the file you look
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Travel Thailand #7 Hua Hin and Bangkok. This is my photo gallery for selective pick photo taken during the trip, full of travel memories.
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque | Shah Alam
Early morning in the normal work day. I come nearby for appointment and I think most of people is go for working, make this garden lake area very peaceful, calm and relax. Highly enjoyment moment for the small walking while see some people exercise. No carry any camera but smartphone camera is always in pocket.

Lim Kim Keong

My travel story starts with a simple motive, travel around the world one step at a time, and I’m really grateful for that… Vincent, people used to call me Vincent. My full name Lim Kim Keong, Asian, Travel Lover. Married with a lovely wife and have a smart boy. I am on the world traveling journey,
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Northern Laos and Luang Prabang Photo Gallery
Had just complete the September trip to Northern Laos and Luang Prabang. Selective pick some photo make up this photo gallery exhibit on the website, hope your like and will help to serve your travel inspiration and plan your trip. The direct link to the Full Photo Gallery Here the pick for the 10 travel
My DSLR camera finally come in the age and got the shutter blade issue. Suddenly while in travel it can not serve me anymore (lucky got standard by point and shot camera and smartphone with me). After make some research it seem inside DSLR the shutter blade or “curtain” it seem make with very easy

Northern Laos Luang Prabang

The travel photo taken during the the trip to Northern Laos and Luang Prabang.
Taichung Street Artist
Street Artist, Taichung, Taiwan
Street Artist, Taichung, Taiwan [台中街头艺人] I personally like the shoot, it taken during second trip to Taiwan, Chinese New Year season. A park at Taichung with lot of people, maybe due to public holidays, I like the feeling, people going out to the park, where play sport gaming with kid or pet, or just sit
Europe Trip 9 Baltic States Northeast Europe Preview So fast it reach the time to prepare for the trip again. Make use of visual travel tool and it help me to realize this is my 9th trip to Europe. The time to explore Baltic States, or Northeast Europe in short. The travel route will in Warsaw, Poland
Underwater Photography
Underwater Photography
Underwater Photography, I am almost forgot, take photography it just a mean, the purpose is to have the fun. That I almost forgot when I turn over to DSLR for the travel photography. It indeed can take much better quality photography, but due to the size and lot of lens to transform the camera, it
Little India, ethnic district in Singapore
Little India, ethnic district in Singapore 2015-Jun-8 3pm Little India is an ethnic district in Singapore. For cultural heritage, many of the ethnically Indian commercial or cottage industry usages are concentrated in Little India. Veeramakaliamman Temple, Little India for sure be the main highlight on the area. This Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess
Gundam and Zaku, Nee Ann City, Singapore
Gundam and Zaku, Nee Ann City, Singapore 2015-Jun-9 2pm While on wandering at Orchard Road shopping district, saw the Japan’s most iconic character , original Gundam in 1:3 scale size docks at Ngee Ann City. While on kid time saw it before, never thought for the full size Gundam what the visual impact will be,
Light Show, Supertree Grove, Garden by the Bay, Singapore
Light Show, Supertree Grove, Garden by the Bay, Singapore 2015-Jun-7 8pm It is the time, I changing few location for right frame we intent to enjoy the night light show. Garden Rhapsody is a night music and lights dancing show (light show). It start at 7.45 pm, 8.45pm daily. Lot of people is just sit
Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Flower Dome, Singapore
Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Flower Dome, Singapore 2015-Jun-7 6:15pm Since intent to watch the night performance show of Supertree Glove, so we decide dinning near by. And we do not want to go out Marina Bay area just for dinner, so we decide which restaurant to take our dinner, and then walk over to enjoy
Taiwan Trip 2 Floral Date
Finally I update my travel timeline, and it more or less, up to date. Trip 1 is from Kaoshiung (south) in and Taipei (out), cover the west coast region, during December time. Trip 2 is on Taichung and Taipei region only (central and north) for the Chinese New Year holidays. Despite being few years, but
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Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Flower Dome, Singapore

Food Photography

Food Photography shot along the travel journey, dining experience or encounter that make up my food visual memories.
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Campanillas Andalusia Spain Travel Photography
Campanillas Andalusia Spain Travel Photography
Campanillas Andalusia Spain travel photography While on the house keeping photo, a countryside landscape photo catch my eye, where I take during summer trip to Spain and Portugal. It seem what importance and standard for judging for the beautiful will be change along the years. Now day travel I keep looking for the unique travel
The photo gallery pick from Wat Chedi Luang | Chiang Mai trip.
Floria2016 Putrajaya

Floria2016 Putrajaya

Floria2016 Putrajaya Floria2016 Putrajaya. Today attend Floria2016 floral and flower expo. Chrysanthemum flower is the theme. Some of the flower photography take during the trip. Various Chrysanthemum flower in different color. It seem I have sometime without update the website, and I think it time to resume back the routine. Slide show travel photography during the trip
Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand
In front of the resort hotel stay is the beach. Wake up earlier intent to enjoy the peace moment with the low light, and light up slowing during sun rise moment. During travel, for the recent few year I like to wake up early, go out and setup tripod for take the landscape photo. At