End of DayOne Journal

13 April 2019 By Lim Kim Keong in Technology

Google travel map for trip 2019.6 Japan

13 April 2019 By Lim Kim Keong in Travel

Hikone 彦根

31 March 2019 By Lim Kim Keong in Travel

Trip 2018.6 Japan and Hong Kong

31 March 2019 By Lim Kim Keong in Travel
Lancelin Sand Dunes, Western Australia, Australia
Lancelin Sand Dunes, Western Australia, Australia
The photo take while visit Lancelin Sand Dunes, Western Australia, Australia. Wife take the sand board on the high hill. Interesting sport activities based on unique landscape. Sand Dunes nestled directly behind the township of Lancelin, the sand dunes are the largest in the state containing absolutely nothing but pure white sand and no vegetation.
King Tomislav square and gallery | Zagreb | Croatia
The photo take during visit Zargeb, near the park near the down town, hard to be miss since in the huge park. If one thing I can recall while stay on Zargeb, it is a lovely city, can see people enjoy on the park. I like the feel like that.    

Travel Photography

My travel photography works, from a travel scene, culture and traditional event, local people to architecture building, landmarks and cityscape.
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Night photography

Night photography selective pick from the various trip. The main theme is photography take on night, night scene, or night event.
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Flower Photography

Flower photography, include garden, park and plants works, take while traveling around the world.
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New Website

So long, I have make use of Blogger to host blog. One thing for sure, it is integrated with Google+ for easy posting. One thing I always want for more personal touch website, and can not found one that meet my need. Recently, come across wordpress template and customized it, and it seem meet most
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Kid innocent eye expression New Delhi

Portrait Photography

While traveling the world, come across interesting local people, from all walks of life, and here my selective pick local portraits photography take across the globe.
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Architecture Photography

The architecture photography work and life time attempt to capture and preserve beauty of interior and exterior designs I saw along my travel journey.
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Landscape Photography

The landscape photography work presented under this portfolio, is my selective pick work related to capture the presence of nature, some with man-made features or disturbances of landscapes. Hope this portfolio will help me capture and preserve my memories for saw pure nature landscape beauty.
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Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography. The selective pick fine art photography fulfilling my subjective, emotional and creative expression on what I captured into timeless fine art works. Fine Art Photography It is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer. It stands in contrast to representational photography, such as photojournalism, which provides a
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This set of pick photo from Japan Osaka Castle trip.
Sofitel Manila, Manila, Philippines
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Manila, Philippines. Today checkout on the late noon and checkin Sofitel Manila located at Barangay 1, Ccp Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay – Manila, 1099 Metro Manila,Philippines. As planned, after a week long stay at Makati, want to access to beach, that is why select this hotel. I start from Manila Bay, and end on
Kishi Station (貴志駅 Kishi-eki), Wakayama. Tama Densha – the cutest train in the world.   Kishi Station, Kinokawa, 30 minutes from central Wakayama City. This is no the usual travel place, since the attraction is actually a cat, named Tama, cutes stationmaster at Kishi Station. Now the station have complete renovated became cat shape like building,
Day 3 in Santorini. First thing we have in mind is to walk the Fira town again for the landmark church with blue dome saw from the various posters. Since we wake up in very early, while at Fira town, saw the local bring lot of horse where we believe it is move to tourist