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From 30s onward I am make my living by running business to help customers and marketplace for enterprise technology product solution consultancy, trading and services. Now days, across the region the company did business across Asia Pacific with various supplier partner and channel partner for multinational corporation to country government.

Focus on being Tech Entrepreneur, perform various value adding activities to assist customer and marketplace for what I really do best, enterprise technology consultancy, solution architecture, turnkey project management, business technology digital transformation, cyber security, NetOps, DevSecOps to modern workplace technology.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed 西環泳棚
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Once in the life time one way journey, and live only once. Passion for traveling the world for world traveling experience rather than static silo living in the own perceive world. See the world and observe how the others living their life.

Thru the traveling experience, it help sync back those unique experience and let us had more choice in term fo the way for living our life, what is the alternative mean for purposive living.

Thru traveling will encounter lot of matters in the past may not be known or opportunity to learn from unknown, whether taste of new kind of foods or drinks, travel activity or participate in different festival or religion ceremony.

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Life Adventurer

We only live our unique life once, so be bold to try and go further for experience our life and in search for the meaning.

Adventuring in the land for unknown, from the sky, highland, mountain, river and ocean and undersea.

To broaden life dimension and expand life exposure for the limit and go beyond.

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Travel Photographer

Seize the best of travel and adventuring moment for what I saw, from people, culture, landmark or landscape.

Traveling provide lot of photography opportunity, due to we are exposure to the new world and we had photography eye wide open.

By snapshot the scene and moment, it provide a mean for me to go back to the past to enjoy that specific life moment. It help to capture the growing of my kid and family moment together too.

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Couple Lover

For being in love and fall in love, then marry and living couple life, and got a kid.

Despite being occasion in family matters argument, but couple life keep going.

Experiencing lot of event with my wife and together we are adventuring the life together.

Like the quick overview from the above block of compact information to provide a quick snapshot for my life and provide a quick overview of my personal profile.

I am being Asian, living in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region. Running enterprise technology trading and service group of companies, now in serving range of Asia Pacific countries thru the range of companies. That is quick snapshot of what I did for the living.

For personal life, I am married and had a lovely wife and kid. Kid in the age attend university at the moment. In leisure, recreation time, I mainly spend on reading, travel and photography.

Selfie taken while in the 5 weeks Japan Trip 10 West Honshu, mirror reflecting from hotel room.

– Last checked and update 2023-May-15