When traveling Vietnam, no sure what you expect from taken travel photography. But for me, traditional Vietnamese girl dress in their national traditional Ao Dai is what I expect to taken. That is unique and beautiful, work well across lot of scene and make the photo uniquely local. Despite it got lot of color, I

Fez Morocco

Recently I am thinking, saw from other people great photo and then re look into own photo, just found out that from all the trips, I did take a great landscape or travel photography scene, but just do not selective pick with photo eye based on found out which one had the interesting photo story
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Marugame (丸亀市) is a city located in Kagawa Prefecture (香川県), Japan (日本). We make railway stop here, plan to visit Marugame castle (丸亀城) – one of only 12 castles with original wooden tenshu (keeps) in Japan. The castle stands on a man-made hill which is over 50m high, making it the largest castle mount in Japan. But

Dogo Onsen 道後温泉

  When plan for the round Shikoku island, Dogo Onsen already in the list, mainly due to the public bath house. I mean the old one, that name one of the top 3 oldest onsen. Being go inside alone while wife no  want to go, walk from the onsen hotel we stay, and few minutes walk,
First thing in the morning after hotel breakfast, we dress the prepare Japanese dress bought in advance for visit Konpira Shrine (金刀比羅宮), it in the same town we stay for two nights. Konpira Shrine is a Shinto shrine in the town of Kotohira (琴平町) in Nakatado District (仲多度郡), Kagawa, Japan. This shrine is patron of sea ship


  Upon arrived from the railway station walk till Zentsuji Temple (善通寺) is reaching 4.30pm. The temple office close at 5pm, so need to rush for get the temple shuin (朱印), visit stamp into my shuinchō (朱印帳), while wife buy omamori (御守) first. Then spend the time wandering on the complex building of temple. This
Weligama Sri Lanka

Weligama Sri Lanka

Weligama Sri Lanka. From my trip, visit to Weligama (a town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka) and had a stay at the resort for 2 nights. First we pass thru the town, lot of people in the town, then reach the coastline, and follow the
Travel Thailand #7 Hua Hin and Bangkok. This is my photo gallery for selective pick photo taken during the trip, full of travel memories.
My DSLR camera finally come in the age and got the shutter blade issue. Suddenly while in travel it can not serve me anymore (lucky got standard by point and shot camera and smartphone with me). After make some research it seem inside DSLR the shutter blade or “curtain” it seem make with very easy