Vincet Lim Professional Profile

In business world, I use Vincent Lim for let people easy to call me. From 30s onward I am make my living by running business to help customers and marketplace for enterprise technology product solution consultancy, trading and services. Now days, across the region the company did business across Asia Pacific with various supplier partner and channel partner for multinational corporation to country government.

Focus on being Tech Entrepreneur, perform various value adding activities to assist customer and marketplace for what I really do best, enterprise technology consultancy, solution architecture, turnkey project management, business technology digital transformation, cyber security, NetOps, DevSecOps to modern workplace technology.

Below is some of the business occasion, photo being taken during the business event, whether I take with people, or I am in deliver enterprise technology in specific subject matter consultancy, training or in business working. That should give you better idea what I am doing for make a living as a human being.

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