Not sure for how you read in recent dates, for me there is a significant decline in the print book readings. It is not because of COVID-19 I am not going out, as if I want to read print books I can always buy from online stores. Just like my wife did, I prefer print
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Meet the future: end of books

End of books, suddenly in my mind, so I write it down. I was born in 1975, still considered generation grew up with the books. Lucky enough I finished graduate education and if you ask me what the most important things I learn I will be an educated person and a lifelong learner myself. My
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End of physical book reading

End of physical book reading

End of physical book reading. I am in the generation get used for the physical book reading. The chance for let you had the opportunity direct using highlighter to comment and flip those pages anyplace you want, and enjoy reading without other form of distraction, that for me is kind of important relaxation session, maybe
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