Transition to Smart Home

World is keep moving forward, digital lifestyle is always within reach, it matter for you willing to living it and implement it or not. In the past despite had bought smart device here and there, but never thought of implement smart home for iLiving lifestyle.

So what coming next will be first, bring in Google Home (I know got lot of alternative out there, but I do not consider other, beside Google technology to back this smart home technology). Drop Apple TV and Apple eco system. I got to replace it with Chromecast. So it replace what I used to for living room activity during leisure time.

Once get used to it, bring in Google Home Mini into reach room, and slowly look for active replacement for whatever become smart device enable, for control them thru single smart home. Smart phone and smart table is existing touch control and serve well as remote with the application installed.

That my journey toward smart home begin with Google technology, how about your journey?

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