Egypt with the long past of pyramids and ancient ruins, the epic cruise journey along the Nile River and beautiful white sand beaches along the shores of the Red Sea.

Abu Simbel Egypt

December 1, 2017 by Lim Kim Keong in
Abu Simbel Egypt

From the Egypt trip for ancient Egyptian civilisation and river Nile cruise. One place I really had strong impression, Abu Simbel. Still recall on the cruise ship mid night hanging on the deck with wife, I think for some star. Due to the trip to Abu Simbel need to patrol by police and all assembly

Valley of the Kings Luxor Egypt

Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt is one of place visit during Egypt trip. We arrived here from the Nile River cruise, last stop. We are Take train from Cairo to Aswan, after visit Aswan and nearby destination, include the Abu Simbel, then we take Nile River Cruise from Aswan all the way from upper