Europe Trip 9 Baltic States Northeast Europe Preview So fast it reach the time to prepare for the trip again. Make use of visual travel tool and it help me to realize this is my 9th trip to Europe. The time to explore Baltic States, or Northeast Europe in short. The travel route will in Warsaw, Poland

Campanillas Andalusia Spain Travel Photography

Campanillas Andalusia Spain travel photography While on the house keeping photo, a countryside landscape photo catch my eye, where I take during summer trip to Spain and Portugal. It seem what importance and standard for judging for the beautiful will be change along the years. Now day travel I keep looking for the unique travel

Travel Journal Date: 2010-9-13 After left Poland,  pass thru Slovakia, we arrival Budapest of Hungary. First stop Heroes’s Square. The square with lot of beautiful sculpture art. Hanging and wandering around. Hősök tere (English: Heroes’ Square) is one of the major squares inBudapest, Hungary, noted for its iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of

The photo take during visit Zargeb, near the park near the down town, hard to be miss since in the huge park. If one thing I can recall while stay on Zargeb, it is a lovely city, can see people enjoy on the park. I like the feel like that.