Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

One of my travel photography favor shoot, of course the main object is important, but how the local people interact with it and provide different feel and serve front and background. It remind me, it all about pay close attention for what you encounter and make the shoot by frame everything into camera. Location: Himeji

This is visual trip journal with selective pick travel photography I taken along the trip. This is the second trip for me to Japan with wife, first trip is to Hokkaido in winter season. Below is Indiana Jones like travel map, easy to explain where am I travel for the trip, high level in single map.

2018-Jun-18 When plan for the round Shikoku island, Dogo Onsen already in the list, mainly due to the public bath house. I mean the old one, that name one of the top 3 oldest onsen. Being go inside alone while wife no want to go, walk from the onsen hotel we stay, and few minutes

We purposely all the way come down to the South Izu (南伊豆) of Izu penisula is to watch and ride black ship (黑船) near by the bay. The photo taken when black ship is near by the Tori (鳥居) build on the small island. When you in the black ship ride, you buy some snack

第八次日本之旅,订在大关东区域。 在电子手帐也写了两篇如下。 很有设计感,喜欢。就像封面海报。 把区域鎖定下来就分区把要去的地方景点写下,整理出來就OK了。 2019年3月7日 几天前完成的篇谈温泉。 几天前定了來回机票。 昨天也先定黑山立部顶的酒店。因为是夏季限定的热门景点,要先下手。 今天在改了又改情况下,最终的大关东之旅的大形出來了。加上新泻县。下來就是在大纲上加減就好。 刚刚完成了新泻之章~佐渡.月岡温泉~。在不知觉下我也完成之前北越地方之旅沒到过的古越后国.佐渡国。 2019年3月9日 妻昨天说行程上加不了新泻三天二夜之旅,因我加了在南信浓的武田神社.诹访湖住一晚.奈良井宿,御射鹿池。 所以要在关东区内看住那里一晚。 2019年3月14日 大纲做最后变动。不上雪国新泻,现在是初夏。在伊豆半島留多几天从热海,到南伊豆的下田,去西伊豆与中伊豆。下次就不用在深入了,基本上己经环島,比一般人跳点深入了很多。 2019年3月17日 今天做应该是最后的整理,原本想用五晚去东北。想对就要趕行程,而且对东北沒有樱花,红叶,雪景也真的沒有待别要上去的目的。就在伊豆半島最后慢遊好过赶行程。 自己走行程要自在就好。 2019年3月24日 想在这做改动,太平洋鸟居第一道日升的一刻难控制,住在大洗海岸才是正道。因为不是春天也没绝景梅花园,偕乐园初夏可考虑不去。      

Hikone 彦根

March 31, 2019 by Lim Kim Keong in

Departing from Nagoya and arrived Hikone 彦根. First thing is to checkin hotel for overnight stay and start to explore Hikone 彦根. Mainly interest to visit the Hikone castle 彦根城. Below the trip journal From Nagoya to Hikone Take the travel luggage from hotel and take the train from Nagoya station to Hikone station. It

This is the trip summary page. Above is the trip route and below is each day overview. By click on above route with post attached, it will open up that specific day post and trip journal. Day 1 2018-Jun-8 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Hong Kong International Airport. Stay Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀. Day

Our Hikone (彦根) trip got two main travel objective. One is visit Hikone castle (彦根城), and another one is to visit Chikubu Island (竹生島) located inside the Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) (the largest freshwater lake in Japan). Chikubu Island being name as Eight views of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖八景之一竹生島) since ancient time. We choose to come here

This is the trip page. The above is the visual travel route for the trip, break by each stop, by click on the above will open the actual post for the trip. Below is quick summary for the trip, served as the overview. This is the trip 8 visit to Japan, this trip main theme

Thru learn by doing basis, I make my very own trailer. Saw it lot of time for movie trailer, but thru the process make one and let me know and realize that 1 minute need lot of content and effort to sort it out. From the process I learn how to visualize the content and